Destination Site Programs in Belfast, Northern Ireland or

Athens, Greece, following the July Seminar at Oxford



July 1 - 10  |  Oxford + Belfast or Athens

The Oxford Initiative for Global Ethics and Human Rights views fieldwork and lived experience as critical components of engaging issues in peace and conflict. With this in mind, our summer seminar in 2020 will offer attending delegates a workshop of multidisciplinary approaches during their week in Oxford, followed by one week of study, fieldwork, and meetings with actors in relevant destinations. Delegates will select a destination of either Northern Ireland or Greece.


Schedule at Oxford: Participants will meet together in the mornings as one group, in the afternoons we will separate into two parallel study tracks as preparation for the field components in Belfast and Athens/Thessaloniki. Following the intensive workshop and field meetings, we can help match attending delegates with volunteer internships from July 13 - 24th in Thessaloniki, Greece, or Belfast, UK.

Information on how to apply

July 1 - 5, 2020, University of Oxford
July 6 - 10, 2020, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Led by Eva Grosman, (Executive Director) CEO of the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building, UK, and Research Associate, St. Benet's, Oxford University

One of the most important challenges at the heart of the peace process is the recognition that it requires more than agreements, institutional changes, security measures and economic development; there must also be a change in the attitudes between communities to reflect the new relationships. This afternoon track of the seminar on war and peace will focus on culture, change, and reconciliation. Reflecting upon the experience of the Irish Peace Process, twenty-one years after the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and case studies from around the world we will examine the role of the cultural leadership and political and societal evolution in the process of communal reconciliation. Developed in partnership with the Belfast-based Centre for Democracy and Peace Building.

July 1 - 5, 2020, University of Oxford
July 6 - 10, 2020, Athens + Thessaloniki, Greece
Led by Manas Ghanem, lawyer, Fulbright laureate, international specialist with the United Nations since 2006, and Oxford Initiative Fellow.

Humans have moved for as long as they have existed. Often driven by material concerns such as security, climate and economic resources, human movement across borders is also tied historically to curiosity and conquest. Areas of seminar study include migrants and refugees, healthcare, economic security, sexual violence, water and habitat, and humanitarian policy. This afternoon track of the seminar will cover the lived experience of people on the move, and current developments in international law and policy, including ethical and political decision-making concerning human movement across borders. Optional volunteer placements working with migrants and refugees in Athens or Thessaloniki, Greece after the seminar ends.


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