WE BELIEVE in the power of storytelling.


WE BELIEVE that although women comprise half of humanity, their stories are not told in that proportion, and this gap causes harm.

WE BELIEVE that "woman" is an identity that is meaningful and binds these stories together.


WE BELIEVE that stories from close to home and around the world hold equal value.


WE BELIEVE in the radical simplicity of GWNP’s purpose: to share stories, to claim space, and to give voice to women.

Tanvi Kodali (GWNP Intern, Wellesley College) meeting with women at Rohingya refugee camp.

The Global Women’s Narratives Project (GWNP) is a project of the Oxford Initiative for Global Ethics Human 

UNESCO Chair on Global Humanities and Ethics with initial seed funding from the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

The mission of the Global Women’s Narratives Project is to amplify women’s voices and experiences through the power of storytelling. Through this narrative platform, the Global Women’s Narratives Project engages the personal and collective power of women’s lived experiences to create a database of narratives that storytellers, policymakers, scholars, lawyers, and human rights advocates can use to affect change.  Our narrative themes are war and peace, religion, global health, gendered violence, life's work, and identity.

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University and community partners are given the incentive to spend one hour with a woman to better understand the joys and challenges of her life and what is potentially unique from men in the context of global ethical inquiry. The hope is that this shared interview and reflection will inform and help connect education and research to issues specific to the practical experiences of women in their daily lives.

Our plan to launch the GWNP into a larger arena is grounded in our combined research in international human rights law, narratology, development, war and peace, religion, and psychology. Our work suggests that women’s lived experiences are underrepresented in our knowledge across a broad cross-section of disciplines; that women’s global narratives can be used as mechanisms of inspiration and influence. By curating a global database of diverse and thematic stories, the GWNP can move the needle on more efficient policy affecting women.

Once the platform is live, we will continue to work with sister chapters connected to local NGOs and universities in the United States, Brazil, Colombia, India, Ghana, Bosnia, Ethiopia and Afghanistan via our Advisory Board.  The narratives submitted go through a rigorous editing and legal consent process before publication.

We have interviewed combatants, peace activists, religious leaders, rural coffee growers, former political prisoners, refugees, mothers, daughters, and politicians from the USA, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Israel, Venezuela, Armenia, Kurdistan, Serbia, El Salvador, Thailand, Colombia, South Africa, Nicaragua, Turkey, Egypt, India, China, Ghana, Brazil, and Iraq. The list continues to grow.

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Women are often interviewed anonymously.

Danielle Perez, stand-up comedian and disabled woman, interviewed by Elisa D'Angelo in CA.

Hillside in Bosnia where Lena Perenchio (USC) listened to six women's narratives about their lives and experiences during their war.

“If I’ve learned nothing else, I’ve learned this: A question is a powerful thing, a mighty use of words. Questions elicit answers in their likeness. Answers mirror the questions they rise or fall to meet…it's hard to transcend a combative question.  But it’s hard to resist a generous question. We all have it in us to formulate questions that invite honesty, dignity and revelation. There is something redemptive and life-giving about asking a better question.”   

 —Krista Tippett in Becoming Wise           


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