Teodora Corina Hasegan, PhD

Anthropologist Researcher/Editor


Teodora Corina Hasegan is a socio-cultural anthropologist, researcher, editor and translator with international professional experience and educational background. Teodora holds a doctorate in anthropology from Binghamton University (State University of New York). She was awarded a certificate in Rights of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons by the Human Rights Education Associates (HREA), and an Indigenous Peoples' Rights certificate by the HREA and the Human Rights Centre of the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. 


Throughout her career, Teodora has been focused on projects at the intersection of anthropology, advocacy journalism, storytelling and civic engagement to bring awareness and promote a better understanding of people’s cultures and societies around the world.


Teodora is interested in global contemporary social, cultural, and political issues; areas of specialization are related to social justice, human rights, environment, sustainable development, and traditional knowledge (with a focus on marginalized, indigenous communities worldwide). Teodora has extensive editing experience for academic publications and online media. Currently, she is Copyeditor for the “Fourth World Journal” published by the Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS), and Editor of “The Indigenous Rights Report”, a weekly newsletter by the Intercontinental Cry (IC) non-profit focused on Indigenous peoples, climate change and human rights. Teodora contributes as Copyeditor to the Oregon-based NGO MAPLE Microdevelopment (with branches in Chile and Uganda) which works on building the skills and resources for designing Indigenous communities finance organizations to fit their needs and cultural values. Teodora is also Associate Editor for ‘Global Ethnographic. Open-access to current anthropological perspectives,’ a scholarly, cross-disciplinary, peer reviewed online journal, featuring ethnographic studies on global issues. Teodora’s previous affiliations include Pennsylvania State University Libraries (as Assistant Editor for ‘IK: Other Ways of Knowing’ journal on global scholarly research on Indigenous worldviews), and Assistant Editor for the scholarly journal ‘Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power’ published by Routledge. 


As an anthropologist, Teodora has traveled extensively for her research: in Central America (in the Mayan communities of the highlands in Guatemala; in the Bribri communities in Costa Rica; and in the Embera communities in Panama); in Southeast Asia (in the indigenous Veddas community in Sri Lanka). She is currently Director of Research and Development for ‘The Peoples of the World Foundation. Education for and about Indigenous Peoples’.


Teodora contributes as a translator (from Spanish into English) to Global Voices (a citizen media website comprising news and stories from 167 countries) and Rising Voices initiative aiming to help bring new civic voices from marginalized or indigenous communities to the global conversation. 


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